When more is too much.

“@AlArabiya_Eng: #US woman describes ‘life of hell’ in #Afghan harem http://ara.tv/82kzz via @AlArabiya_Eng” -extracted from twitter. When is more just too much; More than one wife… Emotionally We are designed to love one being; When two females you bring into one Home, it becomes inevitable that Your home will succumb to all these Stress levels…

Good change in Cuba.

“@AP: Cuba says athletes can sign professional contracts in foreign leagues, reversing long ban: http://apne.ws/1bLmj4d -RD” -extracted from twitter. Sometimes change never comes to people Or a land; but if Cuba can, then the world Can. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.


Life is Destined; whether you Know it or not. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

What is dominance… And how is it defined.

“@GlobalPost: Apple says sells 9 million 5s, 5c iPhones in first three days http://glpo.st/1ftzTJC” -extracted from twitter. Are you dominant because of size; Or dominant because of your Name… Can you be dominant Without wielding one of these Two elements; either way when Possess the right stuff, you can Be dominant just because time was…