Obamacare or ObamaNot!

People care, people tend to want to Do the right thing; but sometimes dreams End up destroying more than thought Would build up; Obamacare fails because The society around it thrives on the Fact that nothing is free or given out For free; face the fact that not all capitalism Works out for the public…

The Google brand.

Power to decide another’s mans fate Is a powerful tool to yield; carry on blessing Your people… And your brand dominance Will not break. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

The white mans dominance.

Imaging yourself, your thinking self being Taken and exhibited for all to see; being Classified something you are not, an Epic discovery where thought thinking Men thronged to view your naked skin; I tell you education is power… When You are able to realise how animal’s These guys white people were, they Who thought themselves…

Are we born christian.

A baby is born clueless to its surrounding Environment; moulded by human it begins To comprehend what its being taught And influenced to become; so as I Look at children nowadays… Is everything They decide to be or achieve inherent Or deliberately chosen by man. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.


“@HuffPostPol: At this moment exactly 50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas.” -extracted from twitter. Dead he is… Dead he has been; It crazy how the most powerful Man in the world died so swiftly Yet brutally for all to see; death Has no shame, it kills sweetly and Devilishly unsurpassed….

Are babies born hateful.

Do you think in order to wipe out evil In our world, if we could devise a machine Or airborne poison to kill each man and Woman with hate in them, we might Wipe our mankind forever; what if hate Can be found in newborn babies. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

You never know.

You never know what awaits a person Tomorrow; but that doesn’t mean You should fear or not hope for greater Rewards. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Sachin Tendulka.

“@timesnow: Which is your favourite Sachin Knock? a. 241 runs in Sydney against Australia,’04 b. 175 runs in Hyderabad against Australia, 09 #MySachin” -extracted from twitter. What a batsman, what a treasure he is To Cricket; we watched him score many A run in many a land; to be one of the Sports greatest players…


“@UnusuaIFactPage: Paul Anderson backlifting 2,840kg (6270 lbs); the greatest weight ever lifted by a human being. Toccoa, Georgia, 1957 http://pic.twitter.com/mSmuVHx75Z” -extracted from twitter. We all have it; but how many use it. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.