From Mandela to Malema.

The world changes, time unfolds New ideals and ideas which the World is forced to accept or fear; With Mandela now dead Malema Takes the reigns of what is to Happen next for South Africa; many Thought Malema finished, but only Malema is ahead on how 2014 will Pen out for South Africans as he…

You can’t stop change from happening.

“@QuoteRevolution: All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come: the revolution. ~Victor Hugo” -extracted from twitter. If its meant to be it will be; If you are meant for something You will attain it; if life has Chosen you – nothing can stop You; but its…

Why are we supporting Khodorkovsky.

Is Putin the guy to blame… Did Khodorkovsky not commit The crimes he was imprisoned for; Amazing how we follow politics Even when all this ‘hooplahh’ is At end a game we are gullable to Follow. @cnn @bbc @reuters @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Dreams don’t come true.

I spent much too long on one Dream I thought was a sure Winner; now 8-9 years down That rough unsuccessful road; I doubt that dreams come true. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Loving having loved a fallen soldier.

“@TelegraphNews: Military widows ‘forced to choose between love and pension’” -extracted from twitter. How do you mourn a person you knew Might die because of their profession; War a difficult occupation to endure; And worse if you are the spouse who Stays behind. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Mandela: when an old guard passes away.

He still lives on twitter. The impossible to many has happened, A thought unimaginable is now a Reality; a man the world idolised almost Point to demi-god status has died; many Waited for this dead, to mourn, to remember, And to utilise his passing; what of You… What nature is in your soul; We remember…

What if President Jacob Zuma is Impeached.

Its rare in Africa to see democracy play Out correctly; if what they accuse him Of is true, using public money to build His 200 million rand estate be true… We are in for a show people; will democracy Play out or is Africa a continent stubborn Not ever going to change. @cliveshome – The…

New York Train derailment.

The way you think your life will Go on a certain day can never be Guaranteed; what you think you Will watch on a sunday can be far Different from what you see at End. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.