Do you still remember Americas role in Afghan.

“@Reuters: U.S. cancels funds for Afghan opinion polls ahead of election” -extracted from twitter. How long has the Afghan president been In power; why did America invade Afghan; Are you by opinion polls for or against The war on terror; can there ever be Peace without having to wage war. @cliveshome – The worlds … Continue reading Do you still remember Americas role in Afghan.

Baby factory busted.

“@DailyPostNgr: Baby factory uncovered in Ondo –” -extracted from twitter. How does one agree to birth children and Sell them regardless of what outcome The child will have; its a shame that Woman can be subjected to such ways Only profiting the lady who at end might Never sell her own kids for profit. … Continue reading Baby factory busted.

The worlds dumbed children.

Picture credit huffington Post “@HuffingtonPost: Now leading HuffPost: ALMOST 40% OF WORLD’S CHILDREN CAN’T READ” -extracted from twitter. What do we have that these kids Don’t; how can we read and write While they can’t… At this moment In age we were learning, how About them…; is sad how our New generation suffers … Continue reading The worlds dumbed children.

Agang is dead.

“@eNCAnews: Ramphele offers little benefit to DA – Media Tenor >>” -extracted from twitter. She just killed Agang no one will Ever take it seriously anymore; to Join your enemy to remove your Enemy is powerful; but to defeat ANC at this moment in time will Never work; Agang as a politically Party or … Continue reading Agang is dead.

Ukraine the politically unpredictable land.

“@MarketWatch: Ukraine’s prime minister resigns amid turmoil” -extracted from twitter. Do we still remember why Ukraine Is as it is today… Why its politicians Are at war; too many have fallen Because of politics, good and bad Alike are dead. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.