Reeva’s dad suffers stroke

“@News24: Reeva’s dad suffers stroke – report” -extracted from twitter. The world has seen many tragedies, many people know how pain feels like, we can comprehend ones pain; but to feel pain caused by another upon one of your family members… Fairness in life cannot come sooner. Oscar might walk free and not see … Continue reading Reeva’s dad suffers stroke

Greetings From Mrs Adeline Ogah

Greetings From Mrs Adeline Ogah Contact me on this e-mail address: ( ) Please my dear loving one in Christ Jesus Please OPEN THIS VERY ATTACHMENT you will see my message and read it carefully and get back to me with good mind so that i can give you more details OK, Contact me … Continue reading Greetings From Mrs Adeline Ogah

Online Lotto Sweepstakes Winner

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Have your own website traffic generator

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Beware of rouge emails.

Our website at times sees rouge emails being sent out. Get rich skims, advertisements which promote companies and products because of our open email address targeting writers and bloggers around the world. Remember that this site is for writers and we can only survive if we write and cloud such emails being sent. Get to … Continue reading Beware of rouge emails.

Visit/Call Our Office For Your Funds.

BankGiro Loterij NL, Van Eeghenstraat 70, 1071 GK Amsterdam, KvK 41126590, The Netherlands. Dear Sir/Madam, Giving back to the societies that has patronized us in these past years and as a part of our contribution to the alleviation of poverty and encourage self reliance, we are very pleased to inform you that your email address … Continue reading Visit/Call Our Office For Your Funds.