A new race of people.

The white man at first hated, Ridiculed, and enslaved other Races; even now in places we Can’t see, people are still being Enslaved; but what irony… How In the midst of hate – love prevails, For many sons and daughters Come from two races; soon man Will be one colour, soon who Will we hate….

Planes Falling.

    Too many are falling; Too many are falling fast: Death now too easy.

Lol! Does it stil mean what it meant once upon a time.

We use it so many times a day; Does lol! Still mean Laugh out loud; I guess the word cool, sh%t, bad, Grew into sommething more… Lol! Simply has defined itself into something More; gone is laugh out Loud! Welcome the term Defining just being happy. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Thank you.

Have you ever just uttered out Thank you; not knowing who its Directed too; simply saying it, allowing It to come forth from you and Just fly away, as breath… Flying Away to some far out land or Region; flying into someones Soul… Hoping that it affects them For all the right reasons! No? Maybe…


What is it to you; What makes it tick For you; what do you Love about it… And honestly Would you change who you Are if you really could. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Wisdom is sometimes overlooked.

We think we know everything at times; Pass judgements like you are the judge In a television quiz show… You know All, you belittle all, you are the master Of your life; but keep an ear out, for You never know who will give you wisdom You need which will bring success in Your life….