Is church a one stop shop.

Can you be counselled, enriched, nurtured, guided, protected, inspired, supplied, enforced, entertained, saturated, loved, courted, amplified all in one place.

We see many seeking counselling from outside sources; happiness from ungodly establishments. I ask… ‘Is church a one stop shop, for you’.

@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Can you become or be a Rapist.

Do we blame the women, do we
Blame lust, do we blame man, or
At end do we blame the women
Who are raped at end; they wear
Clothes revealing; tease the minds
Of men with their flirting; they
Throw themselves deep into
Trouble; or is rape at end what it
Is… Simply rape! A thinking man
Not force, not harm, not fight for
Love, for real men receive the love
Of a woman the old fashioned way…
By charm, courtship, and commitment.


@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Killer cops. A poets cop killing thought.

Was it by accident. Was it by rage; or fear and a quick draw, or was it by pure unequivocal hate; these are the many questions drawn when a cop (mainly white) kills an unarmed civilian (mainly black) which at times seems – as if – no deadly threat against the cop would have been the outcome if the cop wielding the licenced gun, opened fire, killing the black boy, girl, or child.

Its very easy to call out ‘killer cop,’ very easy to blame the man who is still alive. But what if the deceased man deserved it. What if not having a gun could have left the officer of the law, dead, now a victim of crime, and a victim of not arming themselves in order to protect and serve, at end, the community as a whole.

Death is a clever fellow… At end winning the lives of humans in many a way, leaving the people who are still alive battling to find questions as to why so many people die in so many ways, some of which are by the firearm of the people sworn to protect lives and not just colour, race, and a selected few all over the world.


@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Kids learn from us.


What the little ones see they mimic;
What you teach them, the uphold
Diligently; what they love is what
You love… Teach the future generations
More than hate, racism, or death;
Change the next 100 years to come;
Change the world.

@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.