Is church a one stop shop.

Can you be counselled, enriched, nurtured, guided, protected, inspired, supplied, enforced, entertained, saturated, loved, courted, amplified all in one place. We see many seeking counselling from outside sources; happiness from ungodly establishments. I ask… ‘Is church a one stop shop, for you’. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet. Advertisements

Killer cops. A poets cop killing thought.

Was it by accident. Was it by rage; or fear and a quick draw, or was it by pure unequivocal hate; these are the many questions drawn when a cop (mainly white) kills an unarmed civilian (mainly black) which at times seems – as if – no deadly threat against the cop would have been … Continue reading Killer cops. A poets cop killing thought.

Kids learn from us.

#israel #racism #palestine #bomb #killing #life #truth #why #learn #bedifferent What the little ones see they mimic; What you teach them, the uphold Diligently; what they love is what You love… Teach the future generations More than hate, racism, or death; Change the next 100 years to come; Change the world. @cliveshome – The worlds … Continue reading Kids learn from us.