The Dark Man X curse… Children matured on hate, spawn hate. @IyanlaVanzant #family #home

It is the everlasting curse this is,
Poverty its favourite nesting ground,
Children maturing in broken families
Lifeless of a true family tree which
Finds ways to grow even when a root
Is lost as the rest of the root system
Will ensure survival and fruitful
Growth for the next seeds to
Mature, grow, to sow their own seeds,
Healthy and structured, unlike a
Rotting tree still capable of
Producing tainted fruit, fruit which
Grows not to be a great oak but
A thorn bush very different from
What it could have been if more
Roots had kept the tree from falling.


@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

A white joke explaining how to see if a black woman is pregnant? #read it for yourself… #racism

Joke: how do you see that a black woman is pregnant…

Answer: place a banana inside the woman’s private parts and if it comes out half eaten, then hey presto! She’s pregnant.


I was told by a white person this joke;
A friend of mine, respectfully so…
And so I asked myself, when in their
Circles, how much more goes untold;
What thoughts and wishes do they
Have for us – black people; I too
Have white jokes, I too can laugh
Out loud but I do not; people are
Human beings; people deserve to
Be treated with respect in front of
Your eyes, and far from them; we
Need to be conscious in front of
Them, and far from there.

@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

#MONEY: changes where you live, how you live, and why you live.

If you are rich; you need not worry
Much; if you are poor… I’m sure
You can write a lot more on this
Part of them poem yourself; for
Many of us will never truly understand
The true meaning of wealth, but fall
Deeply under the poor mans banner
And existence; how to pull one
Out of it is the ultimate question
And lifelong endeavour.

@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Marital rape cannot be applied in India… Are they correct to deny it? #Maritalrape #rape

Countries are different; people are
Different; to marry for me is what
I have been waiting for, until it
Came to being; in India their
Thinking is vast… They ponder why
Call it rape when one is married
To the woman they rape; some laws
Are silly, and some wrong; but
Rape is rape – and only consensual
Love and intimacy is key, anything
Else is forcing yourself on an
Unwilling partner, especially your


@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

#India’s #cast system human rights violations: “@MailOnline: Man who cleans, eats and sleeps in a public toilet in India for £70 a month”

Our lives are not the same;
Would you, reading this word,
Sleep in a toilet for £100
Just for one night; India’s cast system is a human rights issue Which must be banished; for
It makes such men feel safe and
Happy to live inside a toilet room,
Breathing musty air, kids living in
Foul unsanitary conditions; this
Is India.

@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

Talk about having no one in your life: “@AmericanDebate: A woman was found #dead on the couch of her #London apartment 3 years after her death. The TV was still on. #random”

We all must not die alone; you
Need to be buried and mourned;
Life must not forget and neglect
That you ever existed….

@cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.