We need help.

Time has shown how mans growth comes  Not from his own strength but by the  Strength of others. To achieve great things,  You need a helping hand. 

I am a writer.

Why write. If I didn’t write this who would have.. You? No, my time.. My life, my goals, my gift, my passion; I am words, I am poetry. @cliveshome @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

I haven’t.

I haven’t been real to myself, there’s so much potential in me.. I haven’t been real to myself, there’s more I can give. We have to see it (goal, vision) to achieve it, see it first, be first to say I will. One life, many chances to restart and restart on an idea, for if…

Duty. This we need.

You need duty.. Some kind of role to Fulfil in life; we need duty.. That which Will wake you up at night thinking about And seeking to make the best of what You have chosen or has chosen you To achieve. Family, work, faith.. One Should be yours to achieve. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable…

Mass shooting. #Gay deaths.

What happened? Why did it happen.. Death has no return; sad to hear About this vile act of such hate. @cliveshome – The worlds Bankable poet.

I wonder if the American dream still lives.

Do you wonder if you emigrated to America, would you survive.. Would you Succeed in its world.. Cut throat it be, vile, vicious, and nice, for its first World status. I wonder.. What would I do, the first time I got there. I remember my first time coming to South Africa.. First day coming to…