Don’t let your love burn out.

It’s very possible for love to die;  Though if you love each other…  That only happens to couples who  Don’t work hard to keep each other  Happy.

When you are understood.

People think only people can love Another human being… yet the World, other than human life, might Know love greater than thought Understood by us.

Be safe Cape Town.

Stay in doors, gale force winds destroy  Much more than timber and concrete;  No hero moments… snuggle up tight we  W​ill see you when mother nature subsides. 


Torment of my depression By M.C.N – Makhiwethu Clive Ngwenya I have been hurt… can the world hurt you? Can you be hurt by something other than your own emotions – someone tampering with your soul and feelings;and can you truly deem an outer force, being of another human being capable of hurting you in…