Calm as can be.

People will always be people, they Will doubt you, shame you, praise you;  Be calm through all these meetings,   You be you… never change your stance. 

Colonialism: The finest art of war.

If we were not colonised, would I be  A writer today? If our then white man  Were not crude in his plans – to eficiently  Dilute our thinking, introducing much  More than Christ into our lives, would  The African man be where he is today?  Greater, wiser, dare I say more advanced.  We were poisoned….

Believe in the greater you.

Not all dreams come true, though  Should your dream fall under this  Common saying? Believe in yourself;  If you don’t, who will​ . 

Trump – the first 100 days.

Throw Politics upside down;  Be bold, show the world the  American might. Be stupid…  Do the unthinkable,  Politics  Is a long race; aim for  Second term, the​n we can fix  The first 100 days.